Nokta Rs Pin Pointer Pointers

Nokta RS Pin Pointer

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The Nokta RS Pin Pointer is a high quality, entry level pin pointer that just does the job it was designed to do. It will help you locate targets more quickly.

No need to waste time digging to locate targets anymore.

Nokta RS Pinpointer will detect targets right on the spot.

Hand-held detectors have proven to be extremely effective in locating coins and rings in piles of dirt and sand dug by detector users.

When a coin has been in the ground for years, the oxidation often turns the coin’s color the same as that of the surrounding dirt, making it very difficult to see.

If you are spending more time checking the dirt from the hole and continuously checking the hole you are losing very valuable detecting time.

Instead of detecting more treasure, you’re spending more time locating a target that could be found very quickly with a hand-held detector.


We are an authorised Nokta Dealer in Australia. By buying locally from us you will receive a full 2 year warranty and after sales support and service. 

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