White's TDI SL Metal Detector with 12" Search Coil

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Advance Quieting Pulse Induction Technology detector designed specifically to run smoother in areas of HIGH electrical interference.


Calibrate for extreme conditions. 


  • ON / OFF (PWR) / GAIN Switch the TDI-SL metal detector ON / OFF and Increase Gain for better depth penetration
  • Threshold: Hear targets easier in the ground. 
  • Frequency: Eliminate Electrical Interferences like power lines, radio towers and other detector operators.
  • Ground balance: Operate with full ground balance capability, can also operate without ground balance when ground minerals are low for increased depth.
  • 3 Way Conductivity Selector:  Hear all targets in All conductivity, or specific targets in low or high conductivity. 
  • Pulse Delay: Labeled for best performance settings - Small Gold, Wet Salt, Large Target.  

Search Coil: Supplied with 12" Waterproof Spider Search Coil.

Battery: L.E.D Battery Life Indicator 

Super lightweight only 1.65Kg

2 Year Warranty



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